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How it works?

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How it works? Empty How it works?

Post  MichelleTiffany on Sat Apr 24, 2010 2:26 am

If You have a forum set you'd like to offer up, post it here...

If you would like it request it, esp. the non taggers...

That's it, its a who wants one for Forum sets Smile

Please make sure that all of your tags have the proper copyright information and license #'s visible on them... Otherwise they will be removed...

Please make sure that you dont over request, and pick up in a timely order. Our taggers have taken the time to make you these tags, please make sure you pick them up...

Once your offer is no longer available please close it so no one gets confused...

And for each Forum set you offer you will be rewarded 250 Muse Points Very Happy a thank you from us, for offering you beautiful work Very Happy

Thank you,

The Management Team

How it works? Alice1sigmine

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