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Make a Love it or Hate it list!

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Make a Love it or Hate it list! Empty Make a Love it or Hate it list!

Post  MichelleTiffany on Mon Apr 19, 2010 12:42 am

Make a Love it or Hate it list! Loveithateit

Make a list of what it is you love and hate about the tags you would like to get, use these questions as a guide, add anything that you would or wouldnt want even if its not on this list....

1. What name would you like members to use your tags?

2. What colors do you like/dislike?

3. Who are your favorite artist(s)?

4. What type of tags do you love/hate?

ect. If you have a favorite sport or hobby that you love/hate add that, favorite band or movie, anything like that if you want it on a tag list it here... Smile

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