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Cinny's love/hate

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Cinny's love/hate Empty Cinny's love/hate

Post  Cinnyreeree on Fri May 07, 2010 1:06 am

1. What name would you like members to use your tags?Cinny or Sinny(but only if chell makes it)

2. What colors do you like/dislike?blue is my fav color...hate orange

3. Who are your favorite artist(s)?music? xtina aguilera, hole, or just about anything country
art?m.c. esher lol

4. What type of tags do you love/hate?
honestly i haven't seen anything i hated...these things are awesome

favorite sport:forced to be a steeler fan...but they are hott enough Wink
hobby:not sure i have one...music is my love though
maybe my hobby is chasing my 2 year old, deacon, and loving all his favs too
favorite band: as I said above I love country...big fan of fluff metal(nickleback/hair bands) but i just lov love love music
movie:Heathers, Princess Bride,empire records

one last thought...angelina jolie and Danica patrick lol

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