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mistress's love it of hate it

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mistress's love it of hate it Empty mistress's love it of hate it

Post  Mistress on Tue Apr 27, 2010 5:58 pm

1. What name would you like members to use your tags?

umm would probably be Mistress

2. What colors do you like/dislike?
HATE pink and anything girly
love black which can be mixed with red, green, or purple

3. Who are your favorite artist(s)?
Till from Rammstein

4. What type of tags do you love/hate?

I actually love all I seen Chelle make and put on my profiles.

hmm lets see.. I love music, I love when people find toons that look like me (which is actually kind of easy because of rogue from the X-men), I love wolverine and the x-men lol. I like odd things that just don't seem like they would go together but they do. I like kind of gothic things, vampire things and ghosty type things. Love godsmack, disturbed, and rammstein. also forgot I love anything army that include the lovely camo hehe

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